“The following two articles offer perspectives on the philosophy of and research projects related to literacy development within the Reggio Emilia municipal educational project. The first article, “Between Signs and Writing: How Children Approach the Written Code” by Claudia Giudici is based on her presentation during an International Study Group in Reggio Emilia. The second article, “Children and Figurative Writing” by Paola Cagliari, Claudia Giudici, Mariarosaria Pranzitelli and Vea Vecchi describes a research project that took place at the Diana Municipal Preschool in collaboration with several primary schools in Reggio Emilia. “The Wonder of Learning – The Hundred Languages of Children” exhibit includes a section titled, “The Enchantment of Writing,” which features experiences of children, educators and families in projects titled, “Between signs and writing” and “Figurative writing.” The editors of Innovations would like to express their appreciation to Amelia Gambetti, Paola Riccò and Emanuela Vercalli of Reggio Children for their contribution to the publication of these articles. The editor of Innovations would also like to express her appreciation to Lella Gandini for the translation of these articles.”

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